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2019 Prices
   through 1/22/19 before 4/1/19 on/after 4/1/19
HCCA Members: Monday & Tuesday  $1,199 $1,249 $1,299
Non-Members: Monday & Tuesday  $1,449 $1,499 $1,549
First-Time Membership & Registration: Monday & Tuesday
First-time members only. Dues regularly $295 annually, increasing to $325 in 2019—register now to save!
 $1,399 $1,469 $1,519
Pre-Conference: Sunday Morning  FREE* $175 $195
Pre-Conference: Sunday Afternoon  FREE* $175 $195
Post-Conference: Wednesday  FREE* $175 $195
Discount for 5 or more from the same organization  ($100) ($100) ($100)
Discount for 10 or more from the same organization
 ($150) ($150) ($150)

*Free only with paid Monday & Tuesday conference registration

View the event cancellations/substitutions policy.

Group Discount Policy: Discounts take effect the day a group reaches the discount number of registrants. Please send registration forms together to ensure that the discount is applied. A separate registration form is required for each registrant. The group discount is NOT available through online registration. Note that discounts will NOT be applied retroactively if more registrants are added at a later date, but new registrants will receive the group discount. 

Need Help Getting Management Approval to Attend the Compliance Institute?

As a healthcare compliance professional, you know the value of attending HCCA’s Compliance Institute. You use the knowledge and insights received at the conference regularly in your duties, and you continue to network with colleagues you met at the conference. But with budgets tightening, you may find it more difficult to get management approval to attend the Compliance Institute.

To help gain management approval, use this cost/benefit tool to outline the benefits to you and your organization from attending the conference, and use the sample letter to help communicate these benefits to your supervisor.

HCCA’s 22nd annual Compliance Institute is the single most comprehensive healthcare compliance training and networking event. The conference offers more than 130 educational sessions from beginner to advanced, nine learning tracks to help make course selection easier, more than 230 speakers who are industry and government healthcare compliance experts, 20 networking opportunities, and more than 24 CEUs awarded for attending.