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HCCA to celebrate 20th Anniversary at the 2016 Compliance Institute
HCCA to celebrate 20th Anniversary at the 2016 Compliance Institute

Celebrating the compliance profession, now recognized as integral part of health care business function


February 16, 2016---Minneapolis, Minn.--- The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) today announced it will celebrate its 20th Anniversary during the 2016 Compliance Institute on April 17-20, 2016, at the ARIA in Las Vegas. In the years since the association was founded, the compliance and ethics profession has grown from a once unfamiliar and uncommon occupation to being a central part of today’s business landscape. A key measure of the profession’s maturity is the growth of the HCCA.  Just last week the HCCA, along with its sister association the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, announced that jointly the two organizations now have over 16,000 members.

“We are celebrating much more than 20 years for the HCCA,” said association CEO Roy Snell.  This milestone marks the maturity of the compliance profession, which plays an essential role in preventing, finding and fixing the problems that can derail business.” HCCA’s growth shows that an ever-increasing number of health care businesses understand the need for lawful, ethical behavior and the need to have a dedicated compliance function.

“Health care providers and the enforcement community have both realized that effective compliance programs, led by skilled compliance professionals, are central to preserving the integrity of the health care system,” said Snell.

HCCA will mark this occasion at its annual meeting, the Compliance Institute, which is expected to draw more than 3,000 attendees.

About the Compliance Institute (CI)

The Compliance Institute is the primary education and networking event for professionals working in the health care compliance profession. Conference goers have the opportunity to select from 149 sessions, 253 speakers, and 10 learning tracks, covering topics such as HIPAA audits and enforcement, social media and compliance, 340B audits, overpayments and the 60-day rule, telehealth compliance, Federal Administrative Sanctions, preventing readmissions,  and more.


CI 2016 10 educational tracks include: General Compliance/Hot Topics, Compliance Lawyer, Auditing & Monitoring, Privacy & Security, Long-Term Care, Quality of Care, Physician Compliance, Internal Audit, How to Succeed as a Compliance Professional, and Advanced Discussion Groups.

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About HCCA

HCCA, established in 1996 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, is a non-profit professional membership organization with more than 10,000 members. Visit HCCA’s website at Tel: 888-580-8373. #####