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HCCA Mobile

The mobile app offered attendees the chance to have their own personalized schedule throughout the conference. By logging into the app, each attendee’s pre-selected educational sessions and networking events were automatically populated in the app’s calendar. During the sessions, attendees were able to follow along with the presentations in the app and  take their own notes, which they were then able to email to themselves. An additional helpful feature this year was the pop-up alerts for room changes. The job board iswent completely digital, and you can search for jobs by location and title. You can message other attendees and even set up short networking meetings with each other. You can even take your session evaluations right in class during the session. Overall, HCCA Mobile is a great way to have all the information you need at your fingertips without having to carry anything extra.

CI mobile app, phone with description of app


  • Full iPad support for best attendee experience
  • PowerPoint presentation slide viewer
  • Note taking and note sharing
  • Complete interactive conference program and animated floor plan maps
  • Exhibitor details with weblinks and animated expo hall location
  • Real-time messages and alerts to keep you updated
  • Knowledge sharing via Twitter: Remember to use the #HCCAci hashtag

Where to Find the App

Download the app by searching in your app store for "HCCA Mobile".

How to Download

Once the app is installed on your device open it up and click on the button that says "Go to the 2018 Compliance Institute" If it is your first time opening the app it will ask you to download the conference information and activate it (this only happens once). Once you "download" the 2018 data and activate the event you will be redirect to the homepage.

Sync your Session Schedule

You may have previously chosen sessions to attend at this conference. To have those sessions automatically appear on your schedule within the mobile app you must first login to your HCCA account.

What is my username and password?
Your username and password are the same as you use to login to the HCCA's website,

Forgot my Username or/and password, now what?
Use this link to have your username and password sent to your email address on file with HCCA or see the registration or ask me desk.

How to sync my schedule.
The first time you click on "Build your Schedule" a message will pop up asking you if you want to sync your schedule. You can click "yes" here and enter your password, your schedule will sync shortly after that.

If you clicked "no" when the initial pop up asked you if you wanted to sync but now you do, you can click on the "More" button at the bottom right of the home scree, then click on the "login" button in that menu. Here you will have the option to login to your HCCA account and your Twitter account. 

Once you have successfully logged in and synced your account, select the "Home" button and then "Build your Schedule" to view all the sessions you have selected. For sessions you did not previously register for, add them to your schedule manually.