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You are here : For Attendees  >  Mentoring/Networking

Mentoring. Networking. Connect with Your Peers.

Want to build out your network? Sign up for our SpeedNetworking session. It’s a fun way to connect with peers who share your challenges. 

Mentoring to earn 1.5 CEUs

Want to give back to the profession by sharing your expertise? Sign up to be a mentor. When you come to the SpeedMentoring session you’ll be connected face-to-face with compliance professionals looking for an experienced practitioner to guide them. 

Looking for a mentor? The SpeedMentoring session is the place to meet one-on-one with potential mentors.

Whichever option you choose, you are in control of the people you will connect with! Both events offer seven individual one-on-one meetings and provide an excellent opportunity to learn from one another and initiate long-lasting professional relationships.

How does it work?

SpeedMentoring and SpeedNetworking sessions allow you to manage your time and your connections. Sign up online, and arrive 15 minutes before the session begins. On checking in, you will receive your schedule, meeting seat assignments and further instructions. Seven one-on-one meetings will initiate long-lasting professional relationships. 





Help the Profession. Share Your Expertise at the CI!

You've gained a lot of wisdom running compliance programs. Now you have the opportunity to share what you've learned with those just starting their compliance career. Set up your profile and the software will find the best mentee match for you.

Sign Up Now

Looking for a mentor? Find just the person you're looking for at the CI

Once you complete your profile, the software will find your best matches for a mentor. Onsite, you will meet with multiple individuals one-on-one providing you with an excellent opportunity to learn and initiate long-lasting professional relationships.

Sign Up Now

Want to build out your network?

The SpeedNetworking software will schedule a series of quick introductions to the types of people you’ve indicated you want to meet with. It’s an efficient way to quickly connect with peers who share your challenges and to make new friends at the start of the Compliance Institute.

Sign Up Now