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Conference Feedback

Did you enjoy the 2018 Compliance Institute? Then help us spread the word.

When it comes to deciding which conference to attend, there’s nothing like hearing from your peers.  So, if you got a lot out of the 2018 Compliance Institute, we would love to share your thoughts with other compliance professionals. Your thoughts may appear in marketing material for the 2019 Compliance Institute.

Tell us why you think the Compliance Institute is so valuable in the form below.

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Jill Medley   I've attended 2-5 times   

As a compliance officer, I depend on each year's Compliance Institute as my time away from the office to refresh, refocus, and reenergize.

Melissa Blihar   I've attended 2-5 times   

My take away from 2015 CI I left the Compliance Institute terrified of all the requirements I didn't know and energized by new ideas to make my organization a better place.

Eleonore Shay   1st Time Attendee   

What an exceptionally well organized conference with lots of timely information and networking opportunities. Loved the app! Thank you to all the speakers and helpful staff. Looking forward to CI 2016!

Lyn Henry   I've attended 2-5 times   

It was a great conference with great speakers and tons of useful information to bring back to my workplace. Love the venue...definitely my favorite!

Marciell Lynn Reichler   I've attended 2-5 times   

This conference is packed with a variety of information that is very helpful in my position. I only wish I could clone myself to attend every session. I especially enjoyed the guest speakers on day one and two of the conference. The conference coordinators seem to have their hand on the pulse of what is an emerging issue or need.

Mary Craig   I've attended 2-5 times   

Phenomenal value! Where else can you network with colleagues, meet with vendors, hear from industry experts, government agencies, & subject matter experts ...all in one venue? Real examples with proven solutions. You can choose one track of study or attend sessions among various topics. The choice is yours. I always leave the conference invigorated and re-committed to my compliance profession. I can't say enough about the rewards of attending. Looking forward to the next one!

Tiffany Miller-Kennedy   I've attended 2-5 times   

The conference was informative and packed with loads of information and great people. Hope we can continue to dig deep with some of the topics in 2016!

Judy Heimann   I've attended 11-19 times   

I do not know how you are able to make this better every year, but you do! I would hate to ever miss this Institute as I learn so much and connect with others in ways I cannot in my workplace.

Michelle Andrian   I've attended 2-5 times   

The Conference is a great asset for the compliance professional. It provides a tremendous amount of information and access to resources. We only wish that HCCA would consider holding an Academy in Hawaii. Maybe someday!!

Tomi Hagan   I've attended 2-5 times   

The 2015 Compliance Institute far exceeded my expectations. My first year, I was a bit overwhelmed. This year, I was able to take advantage of the many networking opportunities and learn even more. In several sessions, the Q & A at the end was just as valauble as the presentation itself. I came back from the CI energized and excited to implement new ideas.

Lilia   1st Time Attendee   

I enjoyed the conference very much. I enjoyed the preconferences. I also like the app. As well as the wealth of information presented on all the various topics that encompass compliance. the handouts were extremely helpful as do not have to reinvent the wheel. Though the rooms were really cold.

Debra Grott   1st Time Attendee   

Great conference! As a first time attendee, I was amazed at how organized it was and how much the conference had to offer. The sessions I attended were great and the networking was awesome!

Pat Hofmaster   1st Time Attendee   

I was very impressed with how well organized and run the conference was. The content was also very applicable, varied, and interesting. I attened both the main conference and post conference. Looking forward to next year already!

Anne Williams   I've attended 2-5 times   

The sessions, attendees, and venue were all wonderful, but please, Disney, upgrade your toilet paper!

Betty Kasparie   I've attended 6-10 times   

Best value of presentions ever. Hard to select and bought the package to listen to select sessions I missed. Thanks to the staff for their work.

Geeta Acharya   I've attended 11-19 times   

I have yet to be disappointed by the Compliance Institute!

Patricia Chaloupka, RHIA, CCS, CHC   I've attended 2-5 times   

I look forward to the Institute every year. There is so much to gain from it--the networking, multiple tracks to choose from, and sessions with timely information you can take away and use immediately on the job.

Ruth Krueger   I've attended 6-10 times   

Love the networking, the tremendous array of presentations and the battery recharge that I get each year from attending the CI.

Kathie Hopkins   1st Time Attendee   

I was a first time attendee and new to the role of compliance. I was a Risk Manager for over 10 years and have transitioned into this new role. I received so much valuable information that will provide me with some "building blocks" as I continue my transition and learning of my new role.

Amanda Agins-Tzanov   1st Time Attendee   

I learned so much during my first time at the institute. The knowledge I gained will help me be a better and more effective Compliance Professional. I'm excited about my career path again.

Natalie Bulger   1st Time Attendee   

When you feel like you are overwhelmed, struggling to remember why it is you entered the field of Compliance in the first place or trying to rediscover a path to focus on for your organization, the Compliance Institute and the presenters, staff, exhibitors, and other attendees/colleagues will help you remember and find your way again.

Venjie Largoza   I've attended 6-10 times   

As usual, this is the nationally conference to attend for those working in healthcare compliance. Sharing knowledge and experience gives me stronger confidence in that I am doing the right thing for my entity. Networking is KEY and this is the forum for it!

Suzanne Kitelinger   1st Time Attendee   

The conference was excellent and the speakers were very knowledgeable & entertaining.

Donna L. Gosselin   1st Time Attendee   

As a first time attendee, I gained so much through my attendance at the Compliance Institute. The most valuable is the networking of Compliance Professionals, peers with knowledge and experience of the work I conduct day in and day out! Speed networking was an amazing experience!! Sharing of information, sharing of contact information, dialogue with peers ... the energy in the room was uplifting and a great way to start the entire experience. I will be booking my room shortly for next years institute!

Teresa Thomas   1st Time Attendee   

It was an intriguing learning experience.

Melanie Hurd   1st Time Attendee   

This was by far the best conference I have attended in the past 10 years! I learned so much and it was so relevant. I hope to be back next year.

Jeannie ODonnell   I've attended 2-5 times   

Great conference! Great Venue! Excellent Speakers & Topics! Very well organized. I hope to have the opportunity to be a presenter in the future.

Ana M Echeverri   1st Time Attendee   

It was a really good event – great speakers, great venue, and excellent organization.

Marie Wagner   I've attended 2-5 times   

Selection of available topics was excellent. Was great to get to meet peers and compare notes! Many thanks to everyone involved in planning this.

Susan   I've attended 2-5 times   

I always learn so much at the CI. I am very happy that the Internal Auditing track was added this year---great presenters and helpful tools in that track. I especially appreciate the participation from the OIG and other government agencies and the ethics speakers.

Florie Munroe   I've attended 6-10 times   

The opportunity to face to face with peers and discuss their experience is invaluable. I have built great professional working relationships through the networking at the Compliance Institute. We can call on each other for advice and support coast to coast-this is a priceless resource for all compliance and audit professionals.

Ashlee Walden, JD, CHC   I've attended 2-5 times   

Thank you for a wonderful conference. This was my second year, and I felt much more confident in my session choices and the flow of the meetings. I was able to network and make some great connections as well as meet some online mentors. Looking forward to Las Vegas.

Bill Wong, DC, CHC, CHPC, CCS, CPC   1st Time Attendee   

Simply an amazing,exhilarating experience learning from professionals on the cutting edge of compliance. Speed Networking and Speed Mentoring were fantastic. It was a great opportunities to build relationships and learn from those already established in the industry. Can't wait for CI 2016! It should be the biggest ever celebrating 20 years of CI!!

Fran Sorrell   I've attended 2-5 times   

The Compliance Institute is true 'one stop shopping' for information for Compliance and Privacy Professionals. I cannot attend any other conference and meeting and have so many focused education options for specific learning. Mixing and matching, networking and sharing make a very good learning experience and it is constructive time spent.

Renita Bean   I've attended 2-5 times   

The Compliance Institute was AMAZING! I went last year and did not think it could get much better, I was wrong. I plan to be back next year.

Amy Beveridge   I've attended 2-5 times   

I always walk away from the compliance institute with 2-3 ideas or tidbits of information that I can bring back to my organization.

Doreen Carter   I've attended 6-10 times   

1-Hearing directly from federal government representatives (i.e., OIG, OCR). 2-Opportunity to network with peers. 3-Learn from colleagues (mistakes and successes) 4-Opportunity to travel to great American Cities!! 5-Focus on our profession and obtain resources to improve our skills and our compliance programs!

Allison Pullins   I've attended 2-5 times   

HCCA's Compliance Institute is simply the best place to network with other compliance and legal professionals, as well as learn best practices from peers and leaders. I am able to connect with old friends, as well as make new ones. Though I admit the conference schedule is rather intense, I am glad that HCCA packs in great educational sessions and break outs for our continued learning. Another job well done!

Steve Hohenshilt   I've attended 2-5 times   

CI does a very good job at breaking down the healthcare compliance and privacy industry so that programs and ideas are easier to understand, design and implement, while at the same time never letting you forget how complex and sophisticated privacy and compliance really are.

Colette Jackson   I've attended 2-5 times   

Always great information to take back to the entire organization!

Caroline Whitlock   I've attended 2-5 times   


Cathy Dennis   I've attended 2-5 times   

It is a great to have access to so many experts in the field and to talk with them one on one. The resources that the conference provides to us is invaluable. I always take home ideas that I learned from these experts for improving our privacy program. Thank you for this opportunity!

Beverly Welshans   1st Time Attendee   

Great conference! The variety of session topics offered opportunities to fine tune familiar subject areas and gain insights into new ones.

Karyn Fryer   I've attended 2-5 times   

What a great conference. There was a wide array of valuable information. Teh Advance Discussion Groups were by far the best! So much interaction among the participants.

Darlene J. Palewitz   I've attended 2-5 times   

I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of useful information that was provided at this year's Compliance Institute! Energy level was great. Looking forward to 2016!! HCCA staff, you are an amazingly dedicated group and run a well oiled machine!!

Arlene Dawson   I've attended 2-5 times   

Absolutely the best one for me!

Shani Newell   I've attended 2-5 times   

Another wonderful HCCA experience! The Compliance Institute is the place to be!! The HCCA Mobile App kept me informed and organized. The presentations were informative and interesting (especially the Ethics General Session). See you next year in Vegas!

D. Gabrielle Reeves   1st Time Attendee   

This conference was informative, had some amazing speakers, and the general presentations were incredible. It was amazingly well put together considering we had close to 3,000 attendees. The only change I would ask is more tables for the dining portions; however, the food was delicious!

john finley   I've attended 2-5 times   

The conference is well run. I love the variety of courses. However, I think the conference is great for junior compliance professionals, would like to see more senior-level discussions/breakouts. ps--let's not go back to that venue. I vote for San Diego again or a different Disney hotel.

Amanda Tillitt   I've attended 2-5 times   

Great conference to attend to get information surrounding every aspect of compliance in the health care field. Great networking opportunities and having the sessions available through an app on your mobile device makes it even better. All the speakers are willing to share contact info for any private follow up questions you may have. Great resources!

Beth H. Anderson   1st Time Attendee   

HCCA did a great job of providing fantastic speakers to give us the most up-to-date information in the compliance industry. The hotel accomadations were great and I was able to network with other more experienced compliance and privacy officers to help me on my way to being a CHPC!

Eric Gill   1st Time Attendee   

HealthDox has been coming to HCCA for at least seven years. However, this was my first trip! It was extremely exciting to meet other Healthcare professionals where I could make valuable networking transactions and listen to phenomenal speakers in the break-out sessions. All speakers were loud, clear and informative about relevant topics. The convention center was nice and very easily navigable. If I had an issue, there was plenty of help for me. HCCA employees were attentive. I will be back!

Karen Geller   I've attended 2-5 times   

Great conference. The venue was exciting and fun. It was great to hear from such distinguished, experienced speakers. I learned a good deal and look forward to more.

Jim Parks   I've attended 2-5 times   

Speakers are really good, for the most part, and the AP is awesome. My biggest "peeve" is the lack of eating space at the breakfasts in the vendor hall. I understand that you want a lot of socializing/networking with the vendors, but with a plateful of food in one hand and coffee in the other, it's not very conducive. Accommodations are always top notch and the rooms are very nice. I really like the round tables at the front.

Michael P. McKeever, CPA, CHC, CHRC   I've attended 6-10 times   

I've been working in the compliance arena on and off since 1995, and continually find the HCCA Compliance Institute to be an excellent venue for cutting edge discussions, continuing education and excellent networking opportunities. I'm looking forward to next year's "meeting of the compliance minds" in Las Vegas. To the HCCA Conference Staff, keep up the good work!

Robert Kay   I've attended 2-5 times   

This is the "one-stop shop" for annual compliance education; great speakers, pertinent topics and great networking... as well as reuniting with old friends.

Julene Brown   I've attended 11-19 times   

Nothing can beat the Compliance Institute for up to date information, best practices and networking opportunities! It is the best for any and all compliance professionals; whether new to the profession or being a seasoned professional. Try it out. You will be satisfied with the experience.

Craig Bard   1st Time Attendee   

Impressive. I either learned something new or enhanced my knowledge base during every breakout sessions I attended.

Gail Peace   I've attended 2-5 times   

The HCCA Compliance Institute is the best way to stay current on compliance topics, see leading speakers and to network with others in the industry. This year was my third conference, and each year I learn something new and meet new colleagues. It is worth the time and investment to stay current!

Mickey Chappelle   1st Time Attendee   

A great opportunity to get your "feet wet" in the healthcare compliance world!. Coming from a clinical background in nursing, it was both refreshing and eye opening. All healthcare workers need this information...

Jill Paiva, CPCO   1st Time Attendee   

I was a first time attendee and I can not express enough how wonderful this conference was. I learned alot of valuable information and met some amazing people. The experience was worth every dollar spent.

Bill Davis   1st Time Attendee   

The pre-session and breakouts had topics that were spot on for my needs. The general sessions, especially those on Tuesday were very informative as well as motivational. Excellent overall.

Miriam   I've attended 2-5 times   

Super organized, friendly personnel at HCCA booth. Great speakers! Looking forward to next year!

Joanna Bennett   1st Time Attendee   

The 2015 Compliance Institute expanded my compliance horizons!

2014 Testimonials
Margaret B. Tucker   I've attended 2-5 times   
Loved the keynote speakers, seminar offerings, and especially the app!

Diane Stahle   I've attended 2-5 times   
This was my 4th time attending HCCA. The speakers we wonderful and the HCCA staff did an excellent job in the registration area, exhibit hall, and "appy hour". Best HCCA ever!!

Milo David Huempfner   I've attended 6-10 times   
The Compliance Institute consistantly invites top notch speakers for the General Assembly. Daniel Levinson is humours and insightful in comments. The breakout sessions, networking opportunities along with meeting different vendors are all excellent opportunities for professional growth.

Christine Censon   I've attended 2-5 times   
The Compliance Institute can benefit any compliance healthcare professional at any stage in their career. Whether you are just starting out and need ideas for how to implement a successful and comprehensive compliance and ethics program to a compliance professional who is looking to keep their compliance program relevant and updated, this is the event for you.

Jill Medley   I've attended 2-5 times   
If you can only attend one event of the year, this is it. The Compliance Institute has it all: great sessions, amazing networking, and the chance to reset and refuel. My favorite track, "how to succeed as a compliance officer", always gives me practical ideas I can implement right away.

Judy Backhaus   1st Time Attendee   
I am not new to healthcare, but have just over one year in my compliance role. The CI helped me to better understand the "big picture" of an effective compliance program as well as many of the nuances. The CI helped me organize my plans on how to move forward with building an effective compliance program. I left with more "tools in my tool box." Very helpful!

Ginger Bandeen   I've attended 2-5 times   
The Compliance Institute offers so many great opportunities - to network with other compliance professionals, to learn about best practices, and to work together as a profession to find and implement creative solutions to complicated changes in the health care field. It is exciting, inspiring, and rewarding to be a part of this conference.

Ronda J. Adkins   1st Time Attendee   
I'm still pumped about the conference. As someone starting a new career later in life, I felt I was in the right place. Great information, great choices (difficult to choose, a good problem to have in my opinion :), made some great contacts AND I now have decided to do a national job search, feeling that my community is in all 50 states. What a relief, especially knowing that ethics is a large part of this compliance organization.

Margaret Chappell   1st Time Attendee   
Mr. Josephson's talk was one of the most inspiring talks about ethics and the real world I have ever heard. It left me very reenergized not just about the work of compliance, but about life in general. The following sessions were all very good, informative and enjoyable to attend. The fact the the presenters are all "real people" doing the same kind of job I do made the experience that much mor vaulable.

Delinda Lampe   1st Time Attendee   
I really enjoyed being able to put faces with names with the different folks at HCCA that I have chatted with over the last several months. Everyone was so nice and helpful! The general sessions and the breakout sessions were fabulous! I learned a lot and have more to learn. I highly recommend the Compliance Institute! There is a wealth of knowledge to be shared! I look forward to attending the CI 2015! Love the CI Mobile App!

Elizabeth MacInnes   I've attended 2-5 times   
I am not sure what was so different with this CI, but after listening to Daniel Levinson and Michael Josephson speak, I felt like I had an epiphany regarding compliance. It is not merely about following the rules, regs etc., it is truly about having a culture of "doing the right thing". Achieving this is not through policy and procedure that contain forceful and threatening language of 'corrective action will be taken if ......' but rather through the leaders and senior leaders walking the talk day in and day out. I have been in healthcare 35 plus years and have never been so inspired or motivated by a conference as I was by this one! Thank you !!!!

Jacqui Malone    I've attended 2-5 times   
I foind this Compliance conference very interesting and applicable to my current position. I would highly recommend!

Ruth Krueger   I've attended 6-10 times   
Awesome opportunity to network with your peers and to hear top notch speakers on every aspect in the world of healthcare compliance! There is something for everyone regardless of your role.

Mary Ellen McLaughlin    I've attended 6-10 times   
As always the sessions were informative and eye-opening. And San Diego was a great place to have the CI, what a breath of fresh air.

Richella Abell-Hawes   1st Time Attendee   
I have been to alot of conferences, but I have never been to one that was so well organized and jamb packet with valuable sessions. A great conference for the money with valuable networking time with peers.

BJ Welsh   I've attended 2-5 times   
I came back from San Diego feeling so much less ALONE. Thanks!

Bruce Mettin   I've attended 6-10 times   
Every year the CI dives deeper into the issues affecting all of us as compliance officers. It offers the opportunity to network with my peers, industry leaders, knowledge experts and vendors.

Laura Whitney   1st Time Attendee   
As a first time attendee, I was amazed by the knowledge shared and networking opportunities available. I am a young professional and am starting a compliance program from scratch, so I had a lot to learn and was welcomed with open arms. I can't wait to apply what I learned and come back next year to continue this journey!

Tracy E. Tracy   I've attended 2-5 times   
This is the one gathering a year that I attend that is fully geared towards compliance professionals. I love the fact that I can find both introductory sessions, as well as those geared towards seasoned professionals. I always leave overwhelmed with information, and inspired to continue to grow in accomplishing the important work we do!

Claudia Lewis   1st Time Attendee   
Phenomenal! This was my first time attending and look forward to attending many more. Presentation were very informative.

Tomi Hagan   1st Time Attendee   
This conference met and exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with the organization and the friendly, helpful HCCA staff. I appreciated the diversity of session offerings, with a wide variety of speakers. It was especially helpful to hear directly from DOJ and OIG representatives. The networking opportunities were just as important as the sessions. HCCA did a great job of creating an atmosphere that facilitated relationship building. I will definitely attend the Compliance Institute again if circumstances allow.

Kara Howard   1st Time Attendee   
I found the HCCA Compliance Institute Conference to be extremely valuable to anyone on the industry. There was something for everyone and increased my knowledge significantly. I will definitely be attending again!

Anthony Caroleo, CHC   I've attended 2-5 times   
Well done Institute again. This was my second year and I look forward to next year. It is a great experience and more importantly it is a great opportunity to meet with colleages from around the country to share experiences. Many new associations are made, and old once's reinforced. One of the best takeaways I had was a statement I heard from a colleague: There is no compitition in Compliance!

Lisa Gigila   1st Time Attendee   
San Diego 2014 was my first time attending and presenting. The CI opened my eyes to the world of compliance through the eyes of other compliance professionals across the country. The presentations were diverse and informative, an overall great experience! Looking forward to 2015!

Janne Folmer   1st Time Attendee   
EXCELLENT!! This was my first time attending and first time presenting nationally, what a great experience. The Compliance Institute is a MUST ATTEND! I lked the variety of topics to choose from and the general sessions were AWESOME!!!!

Amy Flake   I've attended 6-10 times   
Every year I feel that the Compliance Institute is the best value to me. Weather it is meeting other people in the industry, or attending the always informational breakout sessions, I always come back to work renewed and feeling like I've learned something. I look forward to the next CI. If you haven't been, you gotta go! Compliance professionals unite!

Joe Piccolo   I've attended 6-10 times   
The Institute gets better every year. I leave with new ideas to improve our Compliance program, and it is a great opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones.
2013 Testimonials
Anonymous   I've attended 2-4 times   
I loved the speed-networking event, and other opportunities to meet compliance professions. The general sessions were inspiring and helpful, and the breakout sessions gave me lots of ideas to bring back to our Compliance and Ethics Program! I would definitely recommend this conference to other health care compliance professionals.

Frank Ruelas   I've attended 2-4 times   
If you can only go to one conference each year, the Compliance Institute is the one to have on that list. It is your one stop for all that is Compliance.

Tina Allen   I've attended 2-4 times   
As a third year Compliance Institute attendee, I was able to more easily digest the tremendous amount of information, and so impressed with the organization, flow, presentations accessable on my tablet, vendors, food and networking events. I order the audio so I can listen to the ones that I wasn't able to attend or re-listen to ones attended.

Scott Addison   I've attended 2-4 times   
This was my second time to attend the Compliance Institute and I was blown away AGAIN at the level of education and quality of the speakers. If you are in the field of compliance and you can only squeeze one educational trip into your budget every year, the HCCA Compliance Institute is one you will want to attend.

Charles "Charlie" Colitre   5 Years or More   
The HCCA Compliance Institute has always provided the latest information for compliance professionals but more importantly it provides networking opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere. I have found over the past 11 years of attending the CI that is the most valuable and re-energizing 3 or 4 days of my professional year. If you haven't been, "ya gotta go!"

Regina Everett   1st Time Attendee   
OUTSTANDING! One word explains the Compliance Institute. The presenters were very knowledgeable about compliance in various health care setting. Food and hotel were wonderful. The speed-networking and speed-mentoring are valuable sessions for new and experienced compliance professionals. I am looking forward to future Compliance Institutes.

Melissa Rego   1st Time Attendee   
The Compliance Institute is fantastic and helps the compliance professional build relationships with other peers. I will definitely be attending future conferences. What an outstanding association. I'm proud to be a member.

Mary Selmanie Spurr   5 Years or More   
The benefit of the annual Compliance Institute is almost immeasurable as it seems to grow as the year progresses after your attendance. It is the one place in the universe you are completely surrounded and engaged by people in your field. The workshops are timely and interactive - experts and government officials are eager to share their knowledge and support you in compliance. Circumstances that arise throughout the year at your own company remind you of your expanded compliance knowledge and reinforce your confidence (plus the supportive email groups give you daily updates and a place to talk to someone who is in the trenches as you are!)- and your knowledge reminds your company of the need for on-going education! From the start of the conference day til the end - you can access, network and brainstorm with any speaker, conference attendee or HCCA staff to guide you through your concerns or to find resources. (The staff thinks of everything - even the food is always amazing!!) Thank

Karen Parton   5 Years or More   
I have attended the Compliance Institute 5 times . I look forward to the sessions and the speakers. I feel that it helps you continue to build on to the core foundation of what compliance is all about. It is helping me be the best I can be . It gives me a chance to explore classes in other area's of intrest. It helps to network and meet compliance professionals from other area's and you get another perspective. By continuing to be educated you more prepared for change and you can quickly rise to any challenge you are faced with.I am looking forward to next year! Thanks to the staff at HCCA and to the board you all do a fantastic job !!

Anonymous   1st Time Attendee   
The programs were very relevant to many current issues HC provides are dealing with a different levels of compliance. I felt the attendees were great to speak with and an excellent opportunity to share experiences and gain new ideas and perspective.

Rod Farley   1st Time Attendee   
As a first time attendee I was blown away by the incredible amount of talent! Education sessions were very fresh and informative. The networking opportunities were excellent opportunities to develop new relationships.

Bill Musick   1st Time Attendee   
As a first-timer, I found it to be a great opportunity to explore compliance outside of an industry-specific context.

Deann M. Baker   5 Years or More   
I have attended the CI for 12 years. The CI is the most fun you will have in a professional learning and network environment. It's a place to learn, share, and develop lasting professional relationships.

Arlene S Moore   I've attended 2-4 times   
This was my second time attending the institute. This is valuable educational opportunity. It contains all of the information required to be a successful Compliance Officer. I wish I could go to all sessions related to compliance, long term care, HIPAA,etc because it is needed. The institute updates me on current information related to compliance legal, regulatory etc. It does not leave anything out. I return to my job with a renewed sense to be knowledgeable about all of the changes that have taken place over the year. It is hard to keep up with all of the changes and read every new posting on the OIG website related to this profession. The Institutes gives me the opportunity to receive this information and the material to bring back so that can reference it as I need it. Thanks for a job well done and I will see you next year!

Barbara Perrett   5 Years or More   
HCCA Compliance Institute: THE. Best. Learning. Attending the HCCA Institute enables me to be a subject-matter expert when I return home. The speakers are the best in their field. Often the speakers are the top officers from the government agency where they work. The Institute is the one "can't miss" event of the year.

Cathy Robinson   5 Years or More   
The Annual HCCA Compliance Institute is a "One-Stop Shopping" Education on all the latest compliance news from extremely reputable speakers, including top governmental enforcers.

Colette Jackson   1st Time Attendee   
The conference had so many resources all in one spot. For every question I had - there was already someone there who was addressing that very issue either in general or breakout sessions. The Mentor/Mentee session was great, too; and, I'd like to encourage more experienced folks to volunteer as Mentors.

Cheyenne Ross   I've attended 2-4 times   
4th year and it get's better everytime! It's wonderful to connect with other professionals in the field to share best practices AND the heartache! See you next year :)

Janice Schuck   1st Time Attendee   
Comprehensive, high quality, timely, professional! A comfortable learning and sharing environment that has provided me with many new insights, perspectives to broaden my skills.

Nancy Vogt   5 Years or More   
I always come back to my office with a list of ideas for how we can further enhance our compliance program, thanks to the presentations made by those who are actively practicing in our field.

Christine Ghent   I've attended 2-4 times   
Having access to so many talented Compliance professionals at one time is networking at its BEST!

Debbie Bohr   I've attended 2-4 times   
This was the second time I have attended the annual CI. It was extremely informative and The broad subject matters within the break-outs is terrific. No matter where in the Compliance arena you specialize, there is always something for you to learn on your subject, or on another subject if you want to advance your skills.

JOHN BLUMENSTOCK   1st Time Attendee   
This was a very valuable experience with every session valuable. It helped me prioritize action items as well as confirm that my actions to date have been in the right direction.

Tom Twinem   5 Years or More   
In the 3 1/2 days I attended sessions during the 2013 HCCA Institute I did more to affirm my knowledge and skills and obtain new insights and learning that I did during the remaining 361 1/2 days of the year.

Camille Cassell   5 Years or More   
The annual Compliance Institute supplements the HCCA Regional Conferences so well. It takes things up a notch from the Regional level and allows you to see that it is not just in your "neck of the woods" that things are happening, but all over! The ability to connect with peers, governement officials, and others is invaluable.

Regina Gurvich   5 Years or More   
it is always good to see you counterparts from across the country, those who has been in the field for years and new people joining this difficult field. these few days afford us ample opportunity of great educational session, off-line conversation with the regulators/ enforcement, and good time with old friends.