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Wednesday, April 18




Post Conference Breakout Sessions
8:00 AM - 9:45 AM


Corporate Integrity Agreement Developments, Understanding the Government’s Expectations

  • Identify new trends and requirements in corporate integrity agreements
  • Discuss strategies for compliance program effectiveness based on the current expectations
  • Recommend steps to promote compliance and reduce risk
Amy Bailey, Principal, HBE Advisors

Sharon S. Parsley, President, Quest Advisory Group, LLC

Nicole Caucci, Deputy Branch Chief, OIG HHS


Compliance Program Game Changers

  • Discuss and review strategies to maximize time and resources and cover serval areas that will address 80% of the risk
  • Examine new business model reporting requirements and keeping an eye on oversight activities including the OIG, MLN Matters, CMS and CIAs
  • Review how to leverage revenue cycle monitoring, mitigation through Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plans, and balancing the Yates Memo and 60 Day Rule
Brian Flood, Partner-Attorney, Husch Blackwell LLP

How to Develop a "Speak-up” Compliance Culture

  • Fostering a “Speak-up” environment is essential to creating and maintaining a culture of quality and compliance
  • An environment that empowers employees has been shown to not only reduce compliance and quality risks, but also improve employee morale
  • Fostering an environment where employees feel comfortable escalating concerns must begin at the top...the Board and C-Suite
Carlos A. Cruz, Chief Compliance Officer, Tri-City Healthcare District

Melissa J. Mitchell, Director, Audit and Compliance 

Privacy Officer Roundtable

  • Highly interactive discussion of the most challenging privacy issues facing privacy officers and other privacy counsel and staff
  • Audience members will select the privacy issues they would like to discuss, and will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s experience
  • Obtain practical solutions from experts and peers on some of the toughest day-to-day health information privacy challenges

Marti Arvin, Vice President, Audit Strategy, CynergisTek, Inc.

Adam Greene, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP

Joan M. Podleski, Chief Privacy Officer, Children’s Health


Documentation and Reimbursement Workshop

  • E/M – The Other Woman! Over the past few years, new E/M codes have emerged. Learn how and when to utilize, document and bill compliantly for Advance Care Planning, Chronic Care Management, Complex Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management and Prolonged Non Face-to- Face Patient Care
  • Teaching Physician/Resident Guidelines! It’s time to understand the attestation documentation requirements for services rendered and billed under the TP/R relationship for E/M, procedures, diagnostic tests and psychiatric visits
  • Just to throw in two areas that are still confusing and under focus by payers, a discussion on the rules for shared visits and incident-to visits will be addressed. Billing for incident-to visits is often misunderstood and billing for shared visits may be a missed opportunity for practices with mid-level providers. Here are the rules!

Maggie M. Mac, President, Maggie Mac-MPC Inc.


Compliance, Self-Disclosure and Managing the Risk

Gabriel L. Imperato, Managing Partner, Broad and Cassel

Darcel S. Dillard, Manager, Compliance Generalist, United Therapeutics Corporation

Tamar Terzian, Senior Counsel, OIG HHS

Payer Issues, Denials and Process for Clinical Trials: How to Audit for Lost Revenue!

  • Review claims submitted on trials that were denied and understand why
  • Discuss clinical trial billing audit tools, best practices and processes
  • Understand the risk for your hospital and how it impacts revenue integrity
Kelly M. Willenberg, Manager, Kelly Willenberg and Associates, LLC

Wendy S. Portier, Consultant, Kelly Willenberg and Associates, LLC


Collaboration: Are You Increasing or Decreasing Your Risk?

  • Understand how the current managed care environment drives the need for strong collaboration between providers
  • Learn how to manage your relationships to take advantage of the managed care environment, while minimizing risk to your core operating model
  • Discuss strategies within an Internal Audit function, resulting from the changing health care landscape, as well as modifications to the Internal Audit plan
Michael Peer, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Internal Investigations: What’s in Your Organization’s Toolkit?

  • Discussion around developing and triaging the internal ethics hotline and direct calls to HR, Legal, Privacy and Compliance teams
  • Creating value in reporting data to leadership
  • Developing and training your internal investigation team toolkit
Melissa Edson, Standards & Compliance Specialist, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Jackie Stemwedel, Sr. Manager, Standards & Compliance, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Jacki Waltman, Corporate Privacy Officer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Top Hot Quality and Compliance Areas to Partner and Mitigate Risk

  • Highlight current Medicare and Government Focus’ on quality and payment models
  • Review the quality and compliance partnership to mitigate risk through monitoring
  • Engage the participants in a discussion regarding methods they use to monitor and partner effectively

Deann M. Baker, Sutter Care at Home Compliance Officer, Sutter Health

Lynda S. Hilliard, Healthcare Compliance Professional, Hilliard Compliance Consulting


Using Technology to Leverage Your Compliance Program

  • Compliance officers today are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of compliancerelated information generated by the compliance function
  • We’ll show you strategies that we and other compliance officers have used to manage the information overflow in their day-today compliance work, as well as pitfalls and things to avoid
  • You’ll leave this presentation with concrete ideas to implement in your organization, including best-practices and ways to leverage the power of data to the benefit of compliance
Nicholas Merkin, CEO, Compliagent

Jeffrey Young, Vice President Product Development, Healthicity
Post Conference Breakout Sessions
 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM


Ensuring Your Vendors Comply with Your Compliance Requirements/Plan

  • Learn the key components of an effective compliance program as it pertains to your vendors and third parties. We will discuss the issues that matter most to a compliance officer and that of the OIG and DOJ. An outline of items to include
  • Further, we will review recent fines and penalties that have been imposed in this area. Learn from a former Chief Compliance Officer of a nationwide post-acute care company as well as a healthcare compliance attorney on these topics
  • Finally, you will learn tips and ideas to enhance your existing program that will provide you with immediate action steps to go back and compare or redress in your own organization
Andrew Luers, Partner, ProviderTrust

Donna J. Thiel, Director Compliance Integrity, ProviderTrust

Christopher Redhage, Co-Founder, ProviderTrust

Medical Device Replacements: Compliance Insights for Device Warranty Credits and No Charge Devices

  • Understand the risk associated with Medicare’s device warranty credit and no charge device requirements
  • Hear how a large multi-site, multi-specialty academic center improved processes around cardiac and surgical device returns
  • Discover commonplace solutions for efficient and effective device returns and credit processes, resource options, and auditing and monitoring techniques

Brenda J. Mickow, Revenue Compliance Officer, Mayo Clinic

Jesse Schafer, Explant Control Manager, Mayo Clinic


Practical Considerations for Managing Compliance, Legal and Operational Risk with Joint Venture Relationships

  • Understand common risk and compliance challenges with joint venture relationships within the health sector
  • Walk through example approaches for managing joint venture risk and and relevant compliance requirements
  • Discuss how to practically and effectively embed these risk management approaches into day-to-day operations to achieved desired performance and compliance results

Eric Overman, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

Mary Wolbert, VP Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, Froedtert Health


The Doctor Will Skype You Now? A Compliance Officer’s Roadmap for Telemedicine

  • The landscape of the existing programs: From extending services into underserved areas to increasing brand awareness for cutting edge systems, looking at how location and purpose shape the programs that are already in place
  • Approaching uncharted territory: Change is happening in technology that impacts patient privacy and HIPAA and in state and federal legislation and in payor rules that impact building compliance
  • Navigating the traps and pitfalls: An interactive discussion walking through a Compliance Officer’s Roadmap to evaluate and help structure compliant telemedicine programs for your entity and provide ongoing monitoring

Scott K. Intner, Chief Compliance Officer, George Washington Medical Faculty Associates

Tomi Hagan, Senior Consultant, Compliance, Quorum Health Resources


Physician Arrangement Bootcamp

  • Explore common methods for determining FMV in various physician compensation arrangements while understanding the strengths and weaknesses of physician compensation survey data
  • Discover practical methods for evaluating commercial reasonableness in physician arrangements and identify common risk areas
  • Participants will receive a checklist for information that should be obtained prior to creating a physician arrangements and discuss the clauses that should be present in all physician arrangements
Deanna Mool, Attorney, Heyl Royster Voelker & Allen

Daniel Stech, Principal, Pinnacle Health Care Consulting

Managed Care Fraud: Enforcement and Compliance

Eric Havian, Partner, Constantine Cannon LLP
Daniel Meron, Attorney, Latham & Watkins LLP 


Provider-Based Status Update: How Recent Changes Impact Off-Campus Outpatient Departments’ Compliance, Payment, and Transactions

  • Understand changes affecting off-campus hospital outpatient departments from the 2015 Bipartisan Budget Act, CMS’ final rule and implementation of the Act, payment changes, restrictions on relocation and CHOWs, and the impact on 340B child sites
  • Learn about exceptions for certain off-campus provider-based departments in the 21st Century Cures Act and any new updates to provider-based status and reimbursement at off-campus providerbased departments since the 21st Century Cures Act
  • Learn how to conduct a facility-led audit to assess current and on-going provider-based compliance at provider-based locations

Claire Turcotte, Partner, Bricker & Eckler LLP

David M. Johnston, Partner, Bricker & Eckler LLP

Ilah Naudasher, Network Director of Compliance, Kettering Health Network


Auditing Identity & Access Management: Addressing the Root Causes

  • Best practices in identity & access management
  • How to audit identity & access management to address the root causes
  • Tools and resources for identity & access management best practices
Johan Lidros, President, Eminere Group

Happily Ever After Requires Work: Effective Training for Ongoing Employee Engagement

  • Evaluate Your Training: Same song, same verse? Make it count as you have the attention of your audience
  • Evaluate Your Audience: Teach in a way that speaks to them and is applicable to their job. Make it engaging and inject humor and fun when appropriate
  • Don’t Stop There: Continue to engage your employees throughout the year with high frequency, low bandwidth messaging. Make sure they know where and how to find you
Kym J. Creekmore, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Diatherix

Janine S. Fadul, Compliance Manager, George Washington Medical Faculty Associates

Brenda K. Manning, Privacy & Regulatory Affairs Director, University of Minnesota Physicians


Full Speed Ahead on Drug Diversion Control Efforts: Enforcement Trends, Investigations, and Prevention

  • Evolving philosophy of engagement between OIG and provider community focusing on breaking down the silos, building relationships, and learning from the other side through a constructive conversation
  • Strategies for proactive engagement with enforcement agencies, developing valuebased compliance programs, hedging data in addressing the trends, and applying CQI approach to compliance controls
  • Case study exploring philosophical shift in negotiating better case outcome, minimizing organizational impact, and improving the overall value and quality of care for the patient
Regina F. Gurvich, Director, Contract Assurance & Monitoring, NYC H+H

Gary Cantrell, Deputy Inspector General for Investigations, OIG HHS


The Road Ahead

  • Top compliance priorities for the coming year
  • How to mitigate expanding risks
  • Practical approaches and strategies
Frank E. Sheeder, Partner, Alston & Bird LLP