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22nd Annual Compliance Institute

Las Vegas, NV | April 15-18, 2018

Healthcare reform, hospital physician alignment, compliance effectiveness, and HIPAA Privacy/Data Breach are all adding complexity to the regulatory compliance challenges facing healthcare professionals. The 2018 Compliance Institute, presented by Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), will help you bring order to this seeming chaos. Join us for the most comprehensive conference for today's healthcare compliance professional.

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Why you should attend HCCA's Compliance Institute:


You'll learn to:

  • Describe the various components of regulatory compliance, ethics, and corporate responsibility plans and programs within the health care arena, and know the compliance procedures and issues related to the various healthcare laws and regulations
  • Describe auditing and monitoring processes in order to evaluate your own audits, and identify departmental compliance concern
  • Have a working knowledge of the legal issues compliance professionals face, and equip yourself with the necessary legal knowledge needed to deal with inquiries from the enforcement authorities
  • Describe compliance issues faced in a specific segment of the healthcare industry
  • Describe key tactics and compliance actions to implement and the processes to do so
  • Have an understanding of recent laws, regulations, and enforcement actions as they pertain to a compliance program
  • Describe the compliance issues faced and the key processes to use to address them as they relate to a specific segment of the healthcare arena
  • Establish a working network of compliance professionals within the compliance professional’s specific segment of healthcare

Who Should Attend?

  • Healthcare compliance professionals 
  • Risk managers
  • Privacy officers and other professionals handling health care privacy issues 
  • Coding and billing specialists
  • Healthcare consultants and attorneys
  • Healthcare regulators and other government personnel
  • Nurse managers and executives
  • Health information management specialists
  • Staff educators and trainers
  • Institutional chief information officers
  • Healthcare senior executives and leaders, including CEOs and CFOs in hospitals, medical groups and IPAs, ancillary providers, long-term care organizations, and health plans
  • Members of the board of trustees of healthcare enterprises
  • Physicians and other health professionals 
  • Healthcare journalists, researchers, and policy makers