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You are here : Certification

Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® Exams

Be recognized for your experience and knowledge in health care compliance. Take advantage of the opportunity to sit for an optional CHC, CHRC, or CHPC exam on the last day of the conference. Each exam requires advance registration and payment separate from the conference registration. To qualify to sit for an exam, 20 CCB CEUs and the necessary work experience are required. Click on the handbook below for more information on becoming certified. For more information on certification visit


The CHC Candidate Handbook           The CHRC Candidate Handbook          The CHPC Candidate Handbook

Apply Online


Questions: Contact CCB certification specialists at 952.405.7900 or 888.580.8373

Obtaining CEUs
To obtain CEUs for this conference, fill out the CEU Application given on-site at the conference, noting all sessions attended. Please contact us with questions at 952.933.4977 or Note that all credits will be awarded based on actual time on-site spent in session.

Approved Credit Types 
CCB is in the process of applying for continuing education units. If you have questions, please contact CCB at or 888-580-8373.