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2017 Conference Sessions

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Sunday, March 26





 Pre Conference Morning Breakout Sessions

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Large Hospital Systems

  • Learn how to benchmark your program against other large hospitals and health systems through use of polling software
  • Understand challenges relevant to large hospitals and large health systems
  • Engage in dialogue with your colleagues regarding operational solutions and best practices for large hospitals and health systems
Cheryl Wagonhurst, Owner, Law Office of Cheryl Wagonhurst

Suzie Draper, VP Business Ethics & Compliance, Intermountain Healthcare

John Steiner, Health Care Compliance Professional


Compliance Program Start Up: What Are the Basics Needed for Your Infrastructure?

  • Describe the fundamental elements of a compliance program
  • Identify ways to leverage current resources
  • Provide tips on getting organization buy in
Debbie Troklus, Managing Director, Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center

Sheryl Vacca, Chief Risk Officer, Providence St Joseph Health


Keep Them Talking to You: A Culture of Trust & Integrity Improves Quality, Safety, and Organizational Outcomes!

  • Review how the principles of trust & integrity impact organizational approaches to improve reporting and decrease misconduct 
  • Achieve business objectives by influencing the workforce to focus on principle‑centered performance
  • Employees form opinions about an organization’s ethics. The surprising tips tricks and perceptions
Karla Deisbach, Vice President of Compliance, Friends Services for the Aging

Sarah Finnegan, Vice President of Compliance, Kindred Healthcare


HIPAA Compliance That Addresses the Risks of Today and Will Grow with You in the Future

  • Understand the latest industry trends/ developments and potential for a government audit
  • Using the 7 elements as a framework and the HIPAA Audit protocol as a guide to create a foundation for HIPAA compliance
  • Learn about OCR’s focus and continued scrutiny on risk analysis efforts while understanding techniques taken by leading organizations to minimize risk exposure in conjunction with these efforts
Kevin Dunnahoo, Senior Manager, Protiviti Inc

Matt Jackson, Director, Protiviti, Inc

Benjamin Burton, Health Information Management Consultant, First Class Solutions, Inc

Navigating the Physician Acquisition Experience

  • Landscape—An overview of the physician acquisition landscape, identifying the setting, assets and participants with their associated roles, perspectives and objectives
  • Potential Pitfalls—A review of frequently encountered challenges and pitfalls that can delay or derail completion of the acquisition journey
  • Road Map—A compilation of tools, ideas, and lessons learned to facilitate a successful expedition through the process of acquiring a physician practice
Valerie T. Cloud, Assistant Regional Corporate Responsibility Officer, Catholic Health Initiatives

Marian E. Hughlett, Regional Privacy Officer, Catholic Health Initiatives


False Claims Act Development

John T. Boese, Counsel, Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson LLP

Michael D. Granston, Director, Commercial Litigation Branch, Fraud Section, Civil Division, US Department of Justice

Gary W. Eiland, Partner, King & Spalding LLP

Marc S. Raspanti, Partner, Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti, LLP


Immediately Address IT Access Compliance Challenges with These Techniques, Using Tools You Already Have

  • Hands-on workshop. Learn techniques to detect IT access compliance issues now using software you know and have, and with data your systems are already producing. Data sets will be distributed to attendees (bring your laptop)
  • After general instructions on using tools and techniques the speakers will circulate and assist attendees individually to detect IT access compliance issues in the dataset
  • There will be a brief review of IT compliance challenges of particular interest to healthcare organizations

Alan Norquist, CEO & Founder, Veriphyr, Inc.

Majed Tomeh, Advisor, Veriphyr, Inc


EMR, CTMS and Clinical Trial Billing Audits: How These Tools Can Help You As An Internal Auditor

  • EMR and billing audits 
  • CTMS and billing audits
  • Clinical Trial review and revenue cycle integrity


Kelly M. Willenberg, Owner, Kelly Willenberg, LLC

Cynthie M. Lawson, Consultant, Self-Employed


Strategies to Build An Effective Compliance and Ethics Program

  • Discuss best practice strategies to establish a strong compliance and ethics program framework 
  • Provide and review essential materials and resources for our toolboxes to strengthen our proficiencies
  • Engage participants in discussion regarding methodologies to reinforce our programs and key partnerships through defined accountabilities and metrics

Deann M. Baker, Sutter Care at Home Compliance Officer, Sutter Health

Dwight Claustre, Director, AEGIS Compliance & Ethics Center, LLP


Drug Diversion Enforcement Trends, Investigation, and Prevention

  • Drug diversion is an ongoing risk for providers, and the DEA is increasing their enforcement of suspected diversion
  • This session will discuss recent DEA enforcement trends and developments, and offer practical recommendations for pharmacy and compliance professionals to prevent or investigate drug diversion when it occurs
  • On the basis of the case study, discuss practical aspects of investigation, data analysis, reporting/ resolution and corrective action plan

Regina F. Gurvich, Director, Contract Administration & Integrity Monitoring Program, New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation

Gary Cantrell, Deputy Inspector General for Investigations, OIG HHS


Minimizing Stark Law Execution Risks

  • This panel will address the most complex Stark Law issues facing health systems and physician groups with an optional ethical component. The purpose is to equip attendees to analyze and address complex Stark Law issues arising from physician arrangements
  • Specific issues to be covered include: Fair Market Pitfalls, Practical safeguards against non-compliant payments, Physician group practice structures, Stark Law implications of losses and subsidies and prevention of rogue arrangements
  • As Stark Law Compliance can create ethical quandaries for in-house counsel if management contravenes policy requirements or resists addressing identified issues, a long version of this program includes a review of relevant rules of professional conduct

Laura Martin, National Chair, Health Care Practice Group, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Louis Glaser, Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP


A Case Study: How to Conduct an Effective and Compliant Internal Investigation

  • Beginning the Internal Investigation: When to Initiate, Defining the Scope of the Investigation, and Developing a Strategy and Plan for the Investigation
  • Ethical Issues: Who will Conduct the Investigation, Litigation Holds, Attorney/ Client Privilege Issues, and Joint Defense Agreements
  • Conducting and Concluding the Internal Investigation: Interviews, Documentation, Writing the Final Report, Reporting to Leadership and the Board, and Making Voluntary Disclosure

Jennifer A. Kildea Dewane, Deputy General Counsel, CareSource

Mark R. Chilson, EVP General Counsel, CareSource

Jeffrey E. McFadden, Partner, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP



Laboratory Compliance-Maintaining Compliance in an Uncertain and Changing Environment

  • Compliance issues facing today's laboratories including topics such as reporting requirements under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA), lab developed tests (LDTs), marketing arrangements, toxicology testing, test orders, custom panels, medical necessity issues and CLIA requirements.
  • Recent initiatives related to enforcement of legal and regulatory authorities, including increased use of private contractors, actions under Medicare enrollment authorities,  proceedings against lab executives and referring physicians, reverse false claims (failure to return overpayments), and related protective strategies
  • Practices that can result in imposition of sanctions, steps to limit related legal and regulatory risk, and responding to unlawful competitor activities


Robert E. Mazer, Principal, Baker Ober Health Law Group

Tim Murray, National Director Laboratory Compliance, Corporate Responsibility, Catholic Health Initiatives

Barbara Senters, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, Ameritox



Discover How Managed Care Plans are Responding to Their Obligation in Detecting, Investigating, and Preventing Fraud and Abuse in the Health Care System

  • Learn strategies to address claim system clinical edits, clearinghouse review/actions, high-risk provider audits, and both pre-pay and post-pay software programs
  • Share significant investigative case results and financial outcomes and examine what worked and what did not including the preparation of corrective action plans
  • Explore the development of Health Fraud Prevention Partnerships to help achieve best practices and best outcomes
Caron R. Cullen, President, Positive Compliance Outcomes, Inc.

Katherine M. Leff, Director, Special Investigations, CareSource

Mary Beach, Operations Director, Trusted Third Party for HFPP, HMS

Bernadette Underwood, Senior Clinical Investigator/Recovery Manager, Affinity Health Plan


Pre Conference Afternoon Breakout Sessions

 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Leveraging DMAIC and Active Management for Sustainable Quality Improvements

  • Trace a successful DMAIC quality improvement effort from start to finish using data and examples from the speaker’s completed project
  • Throughout the presentation, participants will have opportunities to apply key learnings to situations at their home institutions via exercises and group discussion
  • The presentation will conclude with a strong focus on the use of “Active Management” (versus auditing) to sustain improvements past the conclusion of a project

Kristine Koontz, Quality Management Director, Keystone Human Services Inc

Amy Short, Administrative Director, Center for Improvement Science



Compliance Investigations 101: CO Toolbox Essentials

  • Interviewing Basics: Strategies to get the information you need from the employees; why covering privacy, security, HR and legal aspects are important during and after the interview
  • Partnerships: Knowing when to engage Legal for establishing privilege and possibly IT to collect substantial evidence; HR is a powerful ally and often, management too!
  • Using SBAR (and other tools) to document the investigation using clear, concise, and legible structure

Walter E. Johnson, Director of Compliance & Ethics, Kforce Government Solutions

Dawn E. Lambert, Chief Privacy Officer, IASIS Healthcare

Cindy W. Hart, CPA, CHC, CPC, Compliance Professional 

Adam K. Weinstein, Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, New YorkPresbyterian/Queens




CMS Final Rule: Reform of Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities 
  • Analyze the new Requirements of Participation (ROPs) for Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities and the three implementation phases
  • Evaluate the ways in which the new ROPs are intended to improve the quality of life, care and services in LTC facilities, optimize resident safety, reflect current professional standards and the role of compliance in meeting and maintain these goals
  • Examine the intersection between compliance and LTC facilities’ QAPI programs as identified in the ROPs; Strategize about how to assure LTC facilities will be surveyed for the effectiveness of their compliance and ethics programs under the ROPs

Barbara Duffy, Shareholder, Lane Powell

Paula Sanders, Principal and Healthcare Chair, Post & Schell, P.C.

Nan Impink, Executive Vice President, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services, LLC




Is Your Security Incident a Data Breach? Uncle Sam Wants to Know

  • Learn how to know if your privacy or security incident is a reportable breach and examine why it’s important to define an event vs. security incident vs. privacy incident vs. data breach 
  • Understand why privacy/compliance and security should work together on incident response
  • Learn incident response best practices and how proper incident response protects your customers’ sensitive data against cyber threats
Mahmood Sher-Jan, CEO, RADAR Business Unit, ID Experts

Asra Ali, Compliance and Risk Manager, HealthScape Advisors

Laura Merten, Chief Privacy Officer, Advocate Health Care

Patricia Shea, Partner, K&L Gates LLP

Compliant Physician Documentation and Coding in an Electronic Medical Record

  • CMS Documentation Guidelines were developed before the widespread use of electronic medical records, yet these guidelines are still the standard by which physician’s document and code. This session will highlight the challenges of documenting in EMR
  • Review the results of governmental and private payer audits as they relate to electronic documentation
  • Provide strategies for compliant documentation in an electronic medical record, including discussions with vendors, educating providers, responding to audits

Kimberly G. Huey, President, KGG Coding & Reimbursement Consulting

Sandra K. Giangreco, Coding Compliance Audit Senior Manager, CHAN Healthcare 


Anatomy of a False Claims Act Case: Investigation, Litigation, Negotiation, Resolution

  • The Investigation Phase: subpoenas, witness interviews and more
  • The Litigation Phase: Discovery and Motions Practice 
  • The Resolution Phase: Settlements, CIAs and Relator issues

Craig Holden, Chairman & COO, Baker Ober Health Law Group

Laura Laemmle-Weidenfeld, Partner, Jones Day

Amy Easton, Of Counsel, Phillips and Cohen LLP

Lisa Re, Assistant Inspector General for Legal Affairs, Office of Inspector General, Department of Health & Human Services

Laurie A. Oberembt, Senior Trial Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice



Achieving 340B Program Integrity

  • Identify areas to consider as part of your 340B compliance monitoring program, including suggested audit procedures that will provide a full picture of your current program and areas for potential optimization
  • Discuss the HRSA and Manufacturer audit process while also identifying best practice strategies to adequately prepare
  • Present the most frequently identified audit issues, root causes and potential action plans to mitigate the risks moving forward
Chris Wasik, Consulting Manager, CHAN Healthcare 

Jerry E. Lear, Senior Vice President, CHAN Healthcare            


Auditing Emerging Compliance Risk Areas

  • Discussion of Emerging Compliance Risk Areas
  • In depth review of key areas on risks/ monitoring/controls
  • Sharing of best practices to address the risk

Debi Weatherford, Executive Director Internal Audit, Piedmont Healthcare 

Tony Lesser, Advisory Senior Manager Deloitte & Touche LLP



Enabling Compliance Across the Organization-Toolkits for Operational Compliance

  • Foster compliance activities by enabling operators at local level to understand, recognize, and respond for risks of noncompliance by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necesary to mitigate and prevent risk of noncompliance.
  • Create three part toolkits with legal or regulatory requirement or concern, template for identifying and reporting compliance activity, and template for addressing compliance matter is a uniform fashion across the organization.
  • Provide mechanisms for tracking, trending, and reporting results of toolkit implementation to involved operators to aid corrective action and to leaders and committees to empower effective oversight of compliance activities and results.

Ann Daly, Corporate Compliance Officer, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Barbara Martinson, Compliance Program Director, Banner Health


Swords into Plowshares: Leveraging Clinical Data Quality Excellence and Data Mining Tools for Promoting Quality of Care

  • Data-mining has long been used by government enforcement agencies as a means of extracting overpayments and penalties from healthcare provider organizations. With the growth of data analytics tools, those same techniques can now be turned to the constructive task of monitoring and improving quality of care through the automated generation and distribution of actionable exception reports
  • However, in order to unlock this opportunity, clinical data quality needs to be improved. We will examine the criticality of clinical data quality and ask the key question of WHY we are not treating clinical data with the same rigor, diligence, control and auditability as financial data?
  • We will explore how COSO, Enterprise Risk Management and High Reliability Organizing principles can help drive clinical data quality, reporting integrity, and diagnosis accuracy and reduce potential patient harms. We’ll also discuss how the organization can work synergistically to better utilize data and achieve desired quality outcomes

Aloha McBride, Principal, Ernst & Young

Lisa Ishii, Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Marc Schulman, Executive Director, Ernst & Young

David N. Hoffman, Chief Compliance Officer, Physician Affiliate Group of New York, P.C.


Whistle While You Work: How to Prevent Activity Leading to Whistleblower Actions and Protect Health Organizations and Medical Practices from Whistleblower Threat

  • Whistle Blower of the largest False Claims case in Arizona shares tips on how your organization can develop an active and effective compliance plan to protect your organization
  • Hindsight is 20/20. Be proactive and design compliance steps that you can easily implement to assist your Board with the tools they need to protect your organization from risks that may end up resulting in fines as well as damage your reputation
  • Prior Los Angeles Police Commissioner—now White Collar Crime Attorney; Long Term Care Chief Officer; Long Term Care Attorney; and HIM/HIT Professor / Compliance Expert team up to assist Boards across the USA to protect their organization

Jacqueline N. Bloink, Professor, Saddleback College

Anthony Pacheco, Chairman, Corporate Defense & Investigations, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP

Christine Zack, Senior VP, Chief Risk Officer, Fundamental Administrative Services LLC

Linda W. Taetz, Senior Vice President & Compliance Officer, Mariner Health Care


Fighting for Survival: DMEPOS

  • Understand the Impact of competitive bidderived pricing on products in non-bid areas plus future of competitive bid rounds
  • Investigate Alternative payment arrangements, including the pros and cons of submitting non-assigned claims
  • Learn how to manage the continued impact of Medicare/RAC audits and new program integrity contractors
  • Hodge Podge of compliance issues discussions—Exclusion
Wayne H. van Halem, President, The van Halem Group – A Division of VGM Group, Inc.

Ruth Krueger, Enterprise Compliance Program Manager, Sanford Health Wayne H. van Halem, President, The van Halem Group-A Division of VGM Group, Inc

Paula Koenig, Corporate Compliance Officer, Numotion



Academic Medical Center Compliance: Tips, Traps, and Emerging Best Practices

  • Revenue cycle compliance within the academic medical center environment including specific challenges with research billing and overlapping surgeries
  • Issues around conflict of interest and conflict of commitment—working with clinical research faculty and faculty working with outside funded research
  • Privacy, security, and academic freedom— how they intersect and how they are different
David Lane, Deputy Compliance Officer, University of California

Dan J. Weissburg, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer, University of California San Diego Health

Ajay Vyas, Deputy Director of Healthcare Compliance, University of Southern California


Research Law and Compliance: 2016–2017 Year In Review

  • Understand the DHHS OIG’s Research Investigation and Enforcement Focus Areas for the 2017 Fiscal Year
  • Learn about recent investigations and settlements from federal government agencies charged with oversight and enforcement in clinical research (E.g. OHRP, ORI, FDA, DOJ, etc.)
  • Hear about federal agency recent guidance in areas such as human research protections, grants management, conflicts of interest and understand the status of the NPRM related to updates to the Common Rule (45 CFR Part 46, et. seq.)
F. Lisa Murtha, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting